Inerting, purging and sparging

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Inerting with Nitrogen

When storing highly volatile substances or substances prone to oxidation, safety and product preservation are of paramount importance. Inerting with nitrogen is a safe and dependable method for constantly maintaining a protective layer of gas on top of the substance.

This involves replacing the humid air in the head space with high-purity, inert and totally dry nitrogen. A precise valve control system ensures that as the tank is filled or emptied, the nitrogen content adjusts automatically to maintain the protective blanket.

The result is safety, reliability and protection against degradation through oxidation.
For vessels often used in batch processes, characterised by cyclic filling and emptying, we have developed special inert gas sluices which effectively prevent the entry of oxygen into your system.


The atmosphere within process areas – for example in reactors – can be efficiently and cost-effectively purged of oxygen and moisture at start-up or shut-down using gaseous liquid nitrogen (GAN).
Filling and purging of plants with this dry gas is fully controllable. No pumps are needed so the risk of sparks and ignition or cross-contamination is eliminated.  What's more, the use of nitrogen ensures 'no reaction' either with the substance previously stored or the next one in the process flow.

Safety – the number one priority 

Our unique safety system provides a secure platform for evaluating the flammability properties of a great number of gases, vapours and mixtures.
PC-based software enables our application engineers to show you how to reduce shut-down and start-up time.

When you partner with Linde, you can rely on us for a full-service offering comprising:
•    Safety analysis with our safety system
•    Tests and feasibility analyses
•    Development of a tailored solution
•    Advice on the most economical inert gas supply scheme to meet your purity specif

Sparging - Oxygen removal through nitrogen injection

When nitrogen is injected into liquids in the form of tiny bubbles, oxygen can be effectively removed. This method affords excellent control and does not introduce any other substance into the liquid.
In addition, sparging with nitrogen is fast, effective and can be flexibly introduced to the process environment.

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