ACCURA® Cylinder Management

Cylinder Tracking Service

ACCURA® Cylinder Management is a premium internet-based cylinder tracking service that equips your organisation with all of the information and tools needed to take complete control of Linde cylinders at your facilities.

All the information under control

Cylinder account overview - ACCURA® Cylinder Management does not only provide instant access to asset balance overview but also transfer activity overview and detailed information on every cylinder in the system.

Easy access to the latest details – Internet-based application enables you to access the service anywhere you have internet connection, 24 hours a day. You can also manage user accounts and easily decide who will be responsible for localities and cylinders at your facility.

Efficient processing of all reports – All the reports, whether the latest or dated back in time, are designed for further process. Reports can be exported as an excel sheet which will make your cylinder agenda easier to manage.

Control and reduce costs on cylinder rentals and agenda

Paper work reduction – Our system significantly reduces paper work of your employees regarding cylinder agenda which decreases number of potential mistakes.

Cost reduction - ACM will help you to assess which cylinders are not used efficiently so you can return these cylinders back to Linde, save for cylinder rentals and reduce costs.

Cost allocation – Our service enables you to allocate costs on cylinders to particular cost centres.

Watch your Gas park and increase safety

Minimize the risk of cylinder loss – Information about position of the cylinders within your facility reduces the risk of loosing cylinders.

Increase safety at your facility – In case of an emergency you can immediately locate hazardous cylinders and provide valuable information to the fire brigade.

ACCURA® Cylinder Management comes in two version, depending on customers’ needs and number of delivery points.

For more information about both versions, click here.

If you are interested in the service or need more information, all you need to do is contact your local sales representative or our Customer service at 800 121 121 or

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