Cylinder gases

You can avoid the fine reaching up to one million Kc, if you order the gas delivery up to the place of the gas consumption from us within the “Gas delivery when called” service. Why you should worry about such fine?

Liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquid argon are supplied in cryogenic tankers; compressed hydrogen and dissolved acetylene are delivered in gas tube trailers.

After their liquefaction at very low temperatures, industrial gases are stored in special thermally insulated tanks. From these tanks, liquid gases are pumped over into the cryogenic tankers the design of which meets the valid regulations for their transportation (ADR). In these cryogenic tankers, liquefied gases are transported to the customers where they are pumped over into their tanks. As the pumping over is carried out at constant pressure in the tanks, it does not disturb the parallel gas taking for the customer’s needs. The gas pressure in the tank and the tank that is necessary for the correct customer’s equipment functioning is maintained by automatic regulation.

The gas may be taken from the tank and transported via the pipeline to the place of its consumption not only in the liquid, but also in the gaseous state. In this second case, the required change of the gas state is realised in vaporizers. The main advantage of gases in liquid state is their substantially (many-hundred-times) lower volume in comparison with the gaseous state. This fact considerably facilitates and economizes their transport and storage.

Should the building up of such storage capacities for liquefied industrial gases be capital-intensive for certain customers, we offer them tank rental. Our experienced professionals will gladly advise them by taking the decision about the liquid gas supply, by project processing, as well as by building up the storage systems. Many safety regulations are to be adhered to by the storage system building up. For that reason, we offer the customers the storage system turn-key construction which means that we take over all obligations related to these regulations and to the own construction. The support by the design and installation of industrial gas pipeline distribution so that the required gases are brought to the place of their consumption is taken for granted from our side.

You can order the industrial gas delivery in liquid state in our liquid distribution centre via our green lines. Please use the phone number 800 186 217 when ordering liquefied oxygen, argon, and compressed hydrogen; when ordering liquefied nitrogen and carbon dioxide, use the phone number 800 186 218. If you want to order by fax, please use the fax number 548 124 101 for ordering of any liquid gas.