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The gas safety sheets include the following information:

-                Gas/gas mixture identification, its producer or importer;

-                Product specification – composition;

-                Possible dangers;

-                First aid principles;

-                Measures to take in case of fire;

-                Measures to take in the gas leakage case;

-                Guidelines related to manipulation and storage;

-                Exposure time (PEL) and personal protection tools;

-                Physical and chemical properties;

-                Stability and reactivity;

-                Toxicity and ecological features;

-                Disposal guidelines;

-                Transportation guidelines;

-                Other regulation related to it, etc.

You can download the safety sheets for most gases produced by Linde Gas in our electronic Gas catalogue. You will find the safety sheet in the chosen product detail under the “For download” link.

You also may order the safety sheets of all Linde Gas products by phone in any of our Sales centre or in the Linde Gas call centre.