Pipeline supply

The supply with big industrial gas volumes, both of air gases (oxygen, nitrogen, and argon), and chemical gases (e.g. carbon dioxide, hydrogen, synthetic gas, etc.), may be advantageously secured via pipeline supply or pipeline network supply directly from the Linde Gas production centres.

The pipeline gas supplies are always realised for the lowest gas prices, as the accompanying costs for the gas treatment so that it is suitable for the storage, as well as the costs for the own gas storage and transport are reduced. The steady equipment operation by production of big gas volumes reduces the gas production costs as well.

The prerequisite for the pipeline gas supply realisation is the lasting gas consumption in big volumes, long-term prospects of the customer’s production program, and concentration of customers with the same gas consumption in one location.

Currently, Linde Gas supplies its customers with gases via pipeline from its 21 production centres. The importance of the pipeline supply is steadily growing. So far, the largest region which is interconnected by the Linde Gas pipeline is located among the cities Buna, Leuna, and Bitterfeld in Germany - this region includes totally 445 kilometres of pipeline for nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen supply.

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