Continuous customer supply with big volumes of industrial gas in the long-term, both with air gases (oxygen, nitrogen) and chemical gases (e.g. hydrogen etc.) in case when it is not possible to use pipeline supply, can be realized via the gas supply form a small production unit the capacity of which is solely intended for one customer; this production unit is installed directly at the customer’s site (on-site) in the neighbourhood of the gas consumer.

Simple construction of the production unit which is tailored to customer’s needs, modern a effective technology, unit operation control optimisation together with gas transport cost elimination means steadily low costs fro the supplied gases. Also the production capacity size considerably impacts the gas production costs.

The prerequisite for the on-site gas supply is the lasting consumption of big gas volume, long-term prospects of the customer’s production program, and the impossibility to use the pipeline distribution. The Linde concern ensures the on-site supply world-wide in the long-term; it has a broad portfolio of on-site unit equipment available.

Currently, the Linde concern operates more than 570 on-site units for the supply with air gases worldwide. Should you want further information, please use the below mentioned contact or contact the Linde Gas Call centre.